Language Policy

Language Policy

IAS recognizes that language is fundamental to all learning because it permeates the entire curriculum. Therefore, throughout our curriculum, we foster the development of the language of instruction, additional languages, and of course, the promotion of the children’s mother tongue.

Every teacher at Iqra’a School is a language teacher and recognizes the importance of this role within the school. By integrating language into every aspect of the curriculum, we are teaching students the importance of culture, diversity, and sensitivity towards others which in turn enhances their personal growth, cognitive development, and facilitates international mindedness. Through the strong emphasis on language, our goal is to foster a deep understanding about language and a love of literature and culture. IAS values differentiated and varied instruction, which integrates the skill areas of listening, speaking, viewing, reading and writing.  Language instruction considers students multiple learning styles and individual development.

Mother Tongue support at IAS:

Mother tongue development is necessary for self and cultural identity and IAS supports it’s students in the following ways:

To help students obtain/maintain fluency in their native language

To support development of literacy skills in the student’s mother tongue

To celebrate and value the students’ culture, beliefs of Arabs and Islamic identity.