Language Policy

Language Policy

School Philosophy

Iqra’a is an American School that aims to provide a broad international education in the English language while preserving our young learners’ cultural identity and mother tongue.

Not only do we inspire excellence in academics, but we also encourage integrity and nurture the desire to become lifelong learners among our student community.

At Iqra’a American School (IQAS), we believe children learn best by doing, exploring and being appropriately challenged. We train our staff on the latest strategies to allow them to cater for our young inquirers.

We also have close relationships with parents to involve them in their child’s education to ensure we raise a generation of continuous learners who are dedicated to the community and have high moral values and strong leadership skills.

We see our success not only measured by our students’ academic achievement, but also by the impact they will have on others and the environment of their local and global community.

Language Philosophy

Iqra’a American School (IQAS) recognizes that the study of language is central to all learning and thus all teachers are qualified language teachers with responsibilities in facilitating written and oral communication skills.

English Language Provision

English language is the language of instruction taught and learned as proficient as the mother tongue and used in different contexts. It is an important tool for accessing different cultures and perspectives for building a better world.

Mother Tongue support at IQAS:

Mother tongue development is necessary for self and cultural identity and IQAS supports it’s students in the following ways:

To help students obtain/maintain fluency in their native language

To support development of literacy skills in the student’s mother tongue

To celebrate and value the students’ culture, beliefs of Arabs and Islamic identity.