Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

IQAS Mission

At IQAS, we strive to inspire and empower our students to think creatively and critically to pursue lifelong learning, and provide a learning environment that promotes the academic, social and personal development of all its students.


Our Believes:

  • Children learn best by doing, exploring and being appropriately challenged.
  • A close working partnership with parents is essential
  • Strategies must be in place to develop the child as an inquirer in the classroom as well as in the outside world.


Values & Commitments:

  • Establishing a stable and caring school community in which students feel safe, happy and secure.
  • Establishing a right balance between academics and personal care to give a sure footing for a great future.
  • Preparing students for a meaningful life geared towards technical education, differentiated learning and
  • serve the community.
  • Promoting intercultural awareness and open-mindedness between all children- irrespective of difference in culture.
  • faith, language, caste and class, to imbibe ethos and the culture for a harmonious society.
  • Providing a holistic approach to education – which is the quintessence of education, with more focus on life
  • skills, to develop them into lifelong learners.
  • Developing interdisciplinary opportunities between the various disciplines taught to be able to build a connected curriculum
  • that addresses the developmental needs of students, so that knowledge is seen as interconnected by our students.