Director Message

Director Message

Welcome to our community of inquiring learners, where we offer the place to students to have the opportunity to explore, discover, thrive and become global citizens of tomorrow. We believe that our core purpose is to "teach students how to think not what to think"

The focus of our education is on learning and growth, academically, socially and as individuals. We are able to achieve this through providing a safe, secure and nurturing environment, alongside qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers and support staff.

One of our fundamental aims is to prepare our students for their role in an increasingly interconnected and rapidly changing world. At the same time, it is our firm belief that this should happen in an environment that is friendly, happy, supportive and secure. Knowing the pressures and stresses that demanding high quality schooling can place upon the young, our mission is to provide a harmonious environment in which the child, and not the system, is central. We know that a happy learner leads directly to effective learning, so we strive to make IQAS a home-from-home for all of our students.

At IQAS we follow the common core state standards that is adjusted with the modern way of teaching, and this is achieved by using the interdisciplinary approach to education and critical thinking that allows students to think, research, analyze and understand rather than memorizing.

As a parent, you will witness your child’s growth and development as they graduate from our Kindergarten school through Elementary and High school to adulthood.

 I am proud, yet humble to be part of the educational growth of our students. I believe that our greatest contribution to better the world is to provide our students with access to quality education, and support to achieve their greatest. I am honored to be entrusted with the young lives that enroll in our school and witness their growth to greatness.

Ms. Shaima Al-Farhan