Academic Honesty Policy

Academic Honesty Policy

Academic honesty at the Primary School means that students engage in the inquiry process as principled learners and critical thinkers who respect the ideas of others. Students will develop an understanding of what academic honesty is and why it is important to be academically honest.

Students will learn:

The importance of considering different sources to explore a range of perspectives

● The use of key words to research efficiently

● How to highlight, take notes, paraphrase and summarize

● How to think critically about the validity of sources

● How to give credit to whom and where their ideas come from by citing sources, including inspirations

● How to write a bibliography using the agreed conventions (including the title of the source, the author, the publication date, the publisher and the website if relevant)

● How to reflect on the learning process and consider what was learned from different contexts

● To identify primary and secondary sources

● The difference between facts and opinions

● What constitutes plagiarism(copy pasting without permission from the author)

We will model and foster:

Appreciation for their own work and the work of others

● Respect for different ideas

● Integrity through honesty

● Commitment to learning by showing self-discipline

● Independence in their work and thinking