Admission policy

Admission policy


The student age needs to be considered in September 15th of each year with reference to the following Schedule:

Grade Level Student Age in Sep. 15th 
Pre KG 2 Years & 6 Months
KG 1 3 Years & 6 Months
KG 2 4 Years & 6 Months
GR 1 5 Years & 6 Months
GR 2 6 Years & 6 Months
Etc. .... 7 Years . . .  Etc.


  • The school gives priority for enrolling the siblings and the children of the school graduates.
  • An appointment will be scheduled for the assessment test and personal interview for the student according to seats availability.
  • An initial application form needs to be filled at the reception area.
  • The applicant will be notified with the assessment date and time, in case the applicant misses the appointment without notifying the school in advance the assesment will not be rescheduled.
  • The school will notify the applicant with the assessment results within three working days of the assessment date.
  • Parents are required to come personally to complete and submit the application form and provide the required documents.
  • Admission in Pre KG class: The student must be toilet trained by the first day of the school year registered.
  • Admission in Kinder Garten classes: The students are required to answer all questions during the test and be able to tend to their personal needs without adult assistance.
  • Admission for primary, middle and high school: The student must pass the entrance assessment for Arabic, English, Mathematics and the personal interview with the school principal.
  • After passing the entrance assessment, the parent is required to pay an amount of KD 100 as registration fees to reserve the seat. Registration fees cannot be retrieved or transferred to another student (according to MOPE rules) + the first installments shall be calculated as part of the tuition fees.
  • A certificate of To Whom It May Concern (no objection) will be issued from the registration department to confirm the student acceptance to be able to complete the student’s file transfer from his former school.
  • The student file needs to be submitted along with the medical file within a week time from notifying the parent with the student acceptance.
  • The school does not accept students with special needs and those who suffer from learning or mental disability or severe psychological problems…. etc.
  • According to the MOPE rules, the presence of the father in person is a MUST to continue the registration process, except in case of the death of the father then the legal guardian needs to provide the father’s death certificate along with the guardianship certificate. In case of divorce, the mother is obliged to submit the divorce certificate along with the educational custody.

The required document for registration:

  • Copy of the birth and vaccination certificate.
  • Copy of civil ID for student & parents
  • Copy of the parents’ nationality certificates (for Kuwaitis only) 
  • Copy of passports for the students and parents (for non-Kuwaitis)
  • 6 recent pictures for the student.
  • Copy of the last two report cards if it is a domestic transfer between schools. As the report cards issued from outside Kuwait, it needs to be attested from the Kuwait Embassy & the Foreign Affairs.
  • The assessments results will be communicated to the parent within three working days from the submission date (results cannot be produced immediately).

After acceptance is granted, the student’s file should be taken from the former school and submit it to the registration department along with transfer certificate, financial clearance, academic certificates and the medical file. In the event of failure to submit the requested documents, the school has the right not to include the student’s name in the class list.

Withdrawal policy: 
The withdrawal procedures should be granted after meeting the following steps:

  • The presence of the father in person to fill out a withdrawal application mentioning the reasons for the withdrawal (as per the Ministry of Education – MOPE policies).
  • A letter of no objection from the new school stating the acceptance of the students.

All dues should be paid and the textbooks should be returned (or paying the equivalent amount for it), then the guardian is entitled to claim for fees clearance from the accounting department to be collected within two working days from the date of request.